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Admissions :

1. Student seeking admission to the hall will be short-listed by the hall admission committee, consisting of the provost, warden and resident tutor.The list be drawn up on the basis of the merit lists of different departments and faculties, with seats distributed according to the percentage of their total allocation in gwyer hall.

The list of short listead candidates will appear on the hallnotice board,and they shall be invited for an interview before the admission Committee. the final list of applicants, selected for admission from the short- list already notified, will be signed by the provost and posted on notice board. the selected candidates must there after confirm therir admission by completing all formalities and paying admission fees within a given period.

2. Admission to the hall are strictly for a period of one academic year, and fresh application should be made by those seeking re-admission atthe begining of each academic year.If a student fails to take re-admission within ten days after declaration of his result,or the last date for re-admission, whichever is later, he shall be charged Rs.10/- per day as late admission fee. after one month from the last date of re- admission, or the date the results were declared, he shall forfeit the right to re- admission.

3. Admission (except re-admission ) shall be made on the basis of the merit lists supplied by departments/faculties,proided the appllicants satisfy all other eligibility criteria.

4. Admission to the hall will be on the basis of merit list provided by the concerned departments/faculty of the University.

5. in case a department/ faculty has categories/ preferrnces for admission to a course, the categories/ preferences for admission to the hall shall be in the ane order as followed by the departments/faculty.

6. applicaton for admission under the sports quota should be forwarded by the sports council of the university of delhi. such application shall be considered only when the applicant has successfully represented the state or the national level within the last two years.

7. M.Phil.and Ph.D. students who have won UGC-CSIR Felloships/scholarships,or are university teaching assistants, shall be given prefrence in admission. However, they shall forego HRA for the period of their stay in the hall.

8. undergraduate students are not eligible for admission to the hall, save courses offered by the delhi university.

9. The hall shall not admit those applicant who have taken admission into any other hostel of the university during the same academic year.

10. the hall reserves the right to refuse re-admission to any applicant without asssigning any reason.

11. applicants with extra- curricular achievements shall be gven priority.

12. complaints or grievances, if any, shall be dealt with by the provost, whose decision shall be final. PERIoD oF RESISDENCE

A student shall be eligible to stay in the hostel for a period not exceeding the duration of the course, as given bvelow:

(i) B.Lib/M.Lib : 1 year/ statutory duration of the course, or until the time the dissertation is submitted , whichever is earlier.

(ii) M.A/M.B.A/M.Sc :2 year M.Com/L.L.M/M.I.B/MHRoD

(iii) M.Phil : 1 year/Statutory duration of the course (not the total span period offered by the concerned department)

(iv) Ph.D :4 Year (direct)5 year (in case M.Phil and Ph.D course are pursued in continuation the total duration of stay should not exceed 5 year.)

(v) L.L.B/M.C.A/M.Tech :3 yaer

(vi) B.Tech(CIC) : 4 Year NoTE:

I. If a student joins the hall not at the commencement of the course but later, his entitlement to residence in the hall will be for the remining period of his course. For example, a student admitted to the hall during IInd year of his M.A course, will be entitled to stay only for one year. similarly if a student enrolled for Ph.D has already completed one year at the time of admission to the hall, he will be entitled for residence in the hall only for three year.

II. A resident shall vacate his seat/ room

a) within 7 days of the last annual examination fr the course students was admitted.

b) within 7 days of submission of M.Phil/Ph.D thesis

c) after completing the statoury period of the course on the basis of which admission to the hall was granted

d) after completing six year of residence in the university P.G Hostel system.

III. The resident shall automatically cease to be a bona fide resident of the hall after completing six year in the university hostel system, such a resident may be allowed a limited extension only to take the UGC/CSIR NET. In all such cases, the former resident may be allowed to stay in the hall, but by paying a per diem guest charge of Rs.60/-

IV. A student who fails to pass in the annual/semester examination, or fails to take the examination, for any reason whatsoever (including medical grounds), forfeits his right to re-admission. No student shall be re-admitted or granted extension on medical grounds. Aresident who fails to pass annual or semester examinations will immediately lose bona fide resident status, and withdrawl of mess dining rights,and should vacate his seat/room within 7 days.

Provost in specific genuine casws may exercise his discretion to given an extension to research students for six months in order to enable them for six months in order to enable them for appearing in viva-voce beyond their specific period of residence.