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Welcome to Gwyer Hall!

Gwyer Hall is the oldest and most prestigeous Men’s Hostel in the Delhi University. It was founded in the year 1937 with 26 students and was called ‘Law Hall’. It was restarted in 1941-42 and was called ‘University Lodging House’. In the same year, construction of two wings of the building was completed, and 48 residents were admitted. Its name was again changed, this time from ‘University Lodging House’ to ‘University Hall’.

From The Provost's Desk

The Gwyer Hall Hostel, established under the name of “Law Hall” in the year 1937 later renamed as the “University Hall” still enjoys the status of the oldest, yet the most esteemed Men’s Hostel of University of Delhi. The building of the Hall was completed in 1948 and in that year, the name “University Hall” was renamed as “Gwyer Hall” in recognition of the services rendered by Sir Maurice Gwyer, the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi (from 1938-52) and the Chief Justice of the then Federal Court of India.

Sir Maurice Gwyertook akeen, personnelinterest in the construction of this Hall.Spread over more than 10 acres, Gwyer Hall has rich infrastructurefeaturing76 single-seated rooms and 12 double-seated rooms to accommodate 100 full-time postgraduate students and research scholars of the University. There is a separate wing of the Hostel, called “Fellows’ Court” consisting of two Sections: Teachers Court (TC) and Doctors Court (DC) which has accommodation for some University Appointed Teachers and a small number of Senior Research students of the University. The Hall is equipped withmany modern amenities like well constructedKitchens, a Gymnasium and two big beautiful lawns. Apart from this, the hall also has a few Guest Rooms. One of the most appealing points of the Gwyer Hall is the Canteen that runs on a contract basis and serves high quality delicious food.Besides providing a comfortable accommodation, the hall provides a congenial environment for good academic atmosphere and a platform for self development, growth and personality among the hostel residents just not only to be a good veterinarian but also a good citizen.

The Hall holds the record of producing the best of studentswho are not only academically bright but have left a significant mark in their respective areas of work bycontributing selflessly for the upliftment of the nation. As the provost of Gwyer hall, I sincerely acknowledge the efforts of allthe members of the Gwyer Hall community who have made it what it is today.

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